Cherie Currie 
and HaloMates
HaloMates with Cherie Currie artwork-
Practical sun protection with a splash of artwork
Cherie Currie teamed up with HaloMates in 2007 to support the awareness of skin cancer.  Her artistic contributions have added a splash of color to HaloMates™ traditional line of sun protection hat designs.  Cherie has created artwork for both accessory scarf designs, the Cabo hat with the "Cherry Blossom'  scarf (pictured above) and the Yosemite hat (below).


For this model, the 'Aztec patterned' scarf originated from her watercolor paintings exclusively done for HaloMates™. 

The artwork for the Coronado hat "Southwestern" design (pictured below) originated from a 'chainsaw' wood carving piece completed by her. We loved the colorful piece so much we just had to include it in the line, so we created special embroidery of her design.

Each Hat accessorized with artwork from Cherie comes with a beautifully created tag with detailed information about the artist along with an authentic reproduced signature on the scarf pattern itself.

To see the Cherie Designs, please visit her section of our online store: HaloMates™ Cherie Currie Sun Protection Hat Designs. 

HaloMates™ applauds Cherie for all her past and current accomplishments and for her support to help increase the awareness of all cancers. 

We have teamed up with Cherie's important anti-cancer events, including a Daisy Rock –Pretty In Punk-A Tribute to The Runaways & 5th Annual Charity Event at the Roxy in Los Angeles, CA, in March 2009, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Tianna Teegarden Memorial Fund through The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Make A Wish Foundation. 

And for Cherie’s most recent June 2009 event during the a benefit concert sponsored by Kenny's Music Store in Dana Point, CA,  where she designed a chainsaw sculpture dedicated in memory of Runaways' drummer 'Sandy West' to help fight against cancer, HaloMates™ was there to help promote cancer awareness with Cherie's hat designs and donated proceeds to the cause. 

We’re also very excited about a blockbuster movie coming up based on Cherie and The Runaways, who were a very talented group of young girls, pioneers in the music industry. An amazing group of talent has been assembled including executive producer Joan Jett, a former Runaway herself. We are very impressed with the actors who thought enough of the Runaways to appear in the movie including Dakota Fanning (playing Cherie), Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame, playing Joan Jett), Scout Taylor- Compton, Tatum O’Neal, and more. We’re wishing Cherie and everyone involved in the movie great success!

HaloMates™ is proud to have Cherie share her creative talents with our sun protection hat line. She’s the best!

HaloMates™ offers a line of protective hats that block the sun's damaging UV rays. The fabric used for every HaloMates™ hat and drape is made with Huntsman 'High IQ™' quality sun protection fabric. Easy care, cool comfort, freshness, and lasting color. HaloMates™ hats have a UPF rating of 50+, which is the highest rating possible.

Please visit our online store to see the Cherie Designs, HaloMates™ Cherie Currie Sun Protection Hat Designs.